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Why vote for Brian Evans over Tulsi Gabbard?


1. The most famous Democrat on the planet, born in Hawaii, former president Barack Obama, REFUSED TO ENDORSE HER CAMPAIGN while doing so for other democrats across the country.

2. She refused to debate anyone in her OWN PARTY during the primary. Over 77% of Hawaii voters who were polled believed it was her obligation to do so. This is your chance to show her that your opinion matters, because it obviously didn't.

3. She is signing book deals while people can't pay their bills.

4. She is ignoring the fact that over 250,000 Americans are dying EVERY YEAR in American hospitals while the government seeks to cap malpractice lawsuits, which Brian is against.

5. Brian will seek to criminalize hospital negligence, like the doctor who was recently arrested for showing up prior to a scheduled surgery intoxicated. We polygraph law enforcement, but not the people we allow to cut us open? Brian knows first hand about this.

6. She never was supportive of the gay community until she ran for Congress. Simply Google this fact. Brian is gay and will fully support the gay community.

7. Brian will support repealing The Jones Act.

8. Brian is pro-second Amendment.

9. Brian supports a woman's Right To Choose.

10. Brian does NOT ACCEPT campaign contributions, and never has.

11. While Tulsi Gabbard is riding surfboards and playing the Ukulele on the beach during her TV commercials, people are struggling to pay their bills. What has changed about your life since you elected her?

12. Brian is the type of Republican that proves that the party is not the biased or homophobic party that the  democrats have tried to convince you of. Give Brian two years to show you what he can do.

13. If elected, half of Brian's salary will be donated to local Hawaii charities.

Committee to Elect Brian Evans to the United States Congress (R-HI)
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