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Hawaii has long been known for the Aloha Spirit. Too often, loved ones are faced with the loss of a significant other, relative, or a person in their life whose loss is so devastating that they can hardly get out of bed.

I will fight to create The Hawaii Grief Fund, that allows family members who do not have the benefit of Life Insurance the ability to apply for this special program that permits a loved one, who counts on the support of the person they may have lost, to get back up on their feet again.

The thought of being forced to go back to work the day after your mother, or husband, or child dies, is something that the state of Hawaii must never permit.

That is not Aloha at all, and in Hawaii, we take care of our own. It's time to put something like this on the books, so that a grieving family member isn't right behind the one they've lost, and stands a fighting chance to survive the devastating loss they may have experienced.

That's true Aloha, and that is what Hawaii is all about.

Committee to Elect Brian Evans to the United States Congress (R-HI)
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